Newsletter Number 18 March 2012

Welcome to our March 2912 newsletter.  Included are a few items of interest to bring you up to date with our group’s activities.


Membership.  Thank you for renewing of your membership.  Currently we have around 60 members, made up of 11 individual members, 14 family members (counted as 2 members) and 20 life members.


Loco Display Site Central Buderim.   The news that approval has been given for the Krauss to be displayed in central Buderim is the realization of our dreams and goals that Buderim – Palmwoods Heritage Tramway Inc set out to achieve in 2004, when the loco came back to Buderim for its cosmetic restoration. As you know, the Krauss loco ran from Buderim – Palmwoods from 1914 – 1935 and was central to the development of Buderim. It will now be displayed as a permanent reminder to our visionary pioneers.
In May 2010 the restoration was completed and we celebrated with the “Big Night Out” to thank the dedicated group of volunteer workers. Since then we have worked with council and the community to finalize the display site to achieve a wonderful outcome in Buderim’s 150th year of settlement.  It has been a long journey and we would like to express our gratitude to all those who have supported us over the years.
Encouraged and inspired by council and community support, we are very excited about the next stage of planning and building the display. If you would like to help financially with this project, donations are Tax Deductible and would be greatly appreciated.  Please make cheques payable to the “BPHTI Restoration Gift Fund” and send to PO Box 144, Buderim, 4556.


The Botanical Program.  Council is arranging a BOA (Bushland Operational Assessment) on the track. This maps the resilience of native vegetation, assesses threats (weed mapping) and notes management considerations.    We still need more volunteers to help with this part of our group’s activities. HELP!


The Heritage Tramway Walking Track.   We have been working with SCRC to have them take over the heavier track maintenance which BPHTI volunteers have done since the surfacing commenced in 2005. It has now grown beyond the capacity/time availability of the rostered volunteers.  On 12th March Helene and Neil met with Council’s Greg Strain at Telco Rd and told him the details of the interpretive signs to be installed, some track history and the continuing maintenance that we would like SCRC to take responsibility for. He spoke of getting a contractor to attend to the erosion/drainage problem at about 1250m from the start of the walk. We stressed the need for the flush mounted culvert grates installed in 2005, which regularly block with minimal rain, to be replaced with 100mm raised grates similar to those installed more recently. Greg arranged for two Council workers, Steve and Christian, who will be involved with regular maintenance, to walk the track with Neil on 19th March. The work that the volunteers have carried out was described and inspected. Some five culverts were cleared following the recent heavy rain and the SCRC workers were interested and impressed with the nature of the track cooperatively developed by Council and BPHTI.  The sloping bank at the raised walkway cutting has been completed.


Interpretive Signs on the Walking Track.  We are close to getting final approval from Council to install 3 interpretive signs for walkers.  The signs are proposed for the Mons Station site, the newly reconstructed cutting and one at Telco Road.  The cost of these signs is partially covered using the Buderim Foundation Community Grant of $2500 we received in 2011.


Location of Original Tramway Station in Buderim

Over the last couple of years, Garth Fraser has been investigating the location of the turning WYE and loco shed adjacent to the old Buderim Station.  His objective was to complement the imminent display arrangements for the Krauss with a map or model showing details of the old station area in relation to current features.  This map shows his conclusions.  It is based on discussions with the late Arnie Barnes and Frank Fielding, and photos from the Pioneer Cottage of BHS.  Reconciliation of these disparate sources has been problematic at times, and Garth is anxious to hear of any other evidence relevant to his map.  Some recent discoveries include photographic confirmation that the loco shed was situated on the western side of Lindsay Rd., and that there was a spur into the Nonmus Sawmill, though its position (in red on the map) is not all that clear,
Note that the buildings identified along Main St. represent conditions about1924, while the recent traffic circle and park outside the OPO and Telstra exchange are shown in gray.



Garth sketch of Bud station site




















Record of Krauss Restoration.  Just a reminder to members that the address of Lynn Zelmer’s web site containing a pictorial record of the Krauss Restoration has changed since last published,  and is now:

then select                            Sunshine Coast/Bundaberg                       from the right hand menu

then select                            Buderim Palmwoods Heritage Tramway from the next window
then select                            Image Collection                                        from the next window
on the next window; Rail Heritage Image Album           enter  ‘BPHTI’   in the box, and click on  ‘search’
then select each   ‘image link’  in turn to see the restoration photos.


There are many other interesting items on this website, so just go exploring, if you have some spare time.


Finally, a little bit of history:

First, an image of a bullock team looking along Ballinger Rd towards the intersection with Burnett St & Main Rd.  The tramway station can just be seen at the top left of picture.

1927 – Team of bullocks hauling a wagon of logs in Ballinger Cresent















Second a scanned image of an original timetable for 1925.


Tramway Timetable 1925 Palmwoods to Buderim























Tramway Timetable 1925 Buderim to Palmwoods