Mons Station Dig

This investigation at the Mons Station site is to be conducted as a stand-alone archaeological test trench  project. At present it is planned for March 2013. It will be carried out by BPHTI volunteers with the support of those members with archaeological background and experience: Gary and Dorothy Flanigan and Neil McGarvie.

Mons station

The aim of the project is to more accurately determine exactly where the small building, perhaps 2 metres square, was located nearly eighty years ago. This will allow BPHTI to better protect the site and to develop fuller interpretation material for walkers/visitors, thereby providing a greater understanding and appreciation of past human behaviour and activities to complement the presently installed interpretation signs. Some artefacts may perhaps be found while the search for foundations or stump hole ’shadows’ is made in the soil.

In preparation for this work the BPHTI members involved have used all available old photos and documentation from the 1914-36 period of the life of the tramway, in both on-site and desk-top analysis, to determine the most accurate location for the old building and thus the position for the trench. The measurement of sleeper remnants at about 900m enabled an estimation of lengths of sleeper number coverage taken from the photos.


Old Mons station looking East

An Exemption Certificate to conduct development on a heritage registered site has been obtained by BPHTI from the Qld Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. The walking track is on a Sunshine Coast Regional Council easement and Council cooperation in preparation for the project and applications has been most appreciated.









Below is a photo of some of the Dig group after deciding where to put the trench

From l to r:  Gary Flanigan, Helene Cronin,  Dorothy Flanigan, Bruce Horton,  Neil McGarvie & Doug Benkendorff

Photo by Peter Cronin.

Day 1a Team