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Buderim – The insider’s story

Sea-change or Tree-change? Buderim has the best of both environments, but if you move here you really should become part of the community . . .

“Here’s a few tips . . .
on how you can tell the true locals from the visitors and tourists.”

First up . . . Locals say “g’day” when passing you on their daily walk.

Remember when everyone greeted each other as they passed in the street? Keep the tradition alive and join the locals, say “g’day” and pass on a smile when you go for a walk.

Locals know what BWMCA stands for! If you don’t, you better visit the BWMCA page

Locals refer their family and friends to buderim‘s own web site, as the central internet resource for our community.

Locals always read their copy of The Buderim Chronicle newspaper, the town’s longest serving paper exclusively made for Buderim, now available every Wednesday! The Chronicle has often been refered to as “The Buderim Bible”

Locals refer to the area of Buderim located on top of the plateau as being “on Buderim” as opposed to the slopes or lower areas, which are simply “in Buderim”.

Locals don’t drive across Buderim at school pickup/drop off times
(unless they have to pick up the kids), they know the traffic situation! 19,000 cars traverse the Burnett Street/Main Street per day.

Locals let you pull out of a park into the traffic on Burnett Street.
They know that one day the situation will be reversed. They also don’t sit in Burnett Street holding up traffic trying to turn right across the double-lines. They use the roundabouts at each end and keep the traffic flowing.

On the subject of parking . . . the Burnett Street car park spaces are designed for you to drive in nose first, so you don’t hold up the traffic by trying to reverse parallel park.
There are also a lot of parks behind the shops, keep an eye out for the driveways.

Locals know the names of their neighbours!
Go say g’day to yours . . .