BWMCA Members

BWMCA financial members are the only people who can vote at any Special or Annual General Meeting. Members elect the Officers and elected Members of the Management Committee to represent their interests, accomplish the Mission and serve the Values of the BWMCA throughout the year. Members who are nominated as an Delegate of an Affiliate also become a voting Management Committee member.

Classes of membership are: Single, Family, & Life.
BWMCA can also grant, at any one time, up to 15 Honorary Memberships .

BWMCA is operated completely by volunteers.  Although there is a salaried Administrative Assistant in the BWMCA Office – there are no paid Officers or Committee Members. As BWMCA relies on volunteers, there is always room for more helpers and supporters.

Anyone who is interested in helping to build a vibrant Buderim Community and who supports the ideal of service to commemorate sacrifice can join BWMCA as a member. A number of BWMCA live outside the Buderim area.

You are invited to join Buderim War Memorial Community Association. Calling in to the Information Centre [Old Post Office ], Burnett Street or click here to find out how.