Police Beat


Open 9am to 5pm Monday to Sunday

Until 9pm Thursday night

Middy’s Complex, Main Street Buderim

Ph 5445 1661



If the Police Beat is unmanned, you can contact the police by using the Blue Phone on the wall. This connects directly to the Communications Centre.

You can also call the centre direct from your home 24 hours a day, on 5475 2444.


Using the Blue phone there is no dialing – just pick up the phone and you are connected to the Communications Centre, who have access to all police vehicles in our area.

The Buderim Police Beat is found in the Middys Shopping Complex on Main Street. They operate in daylight hours and are the direct community link to the Queensland Police in Buderim.The duties include attending to any emergencies or events elating to criminal activity in the Buderim area. They patrol the CBD on foot and using push-bikes, checking on the residential and business precincts. 

Just watch yourself if you decide to hold up the traffic by turning right across Burnett Street’s double lines, our Police Beat will probably be watching!


The Police Beat is actively fighting crime in our community and works with the Chamber of Commerce and local business people to reduce shop theft.


Say g’day to our Police Beat Team when you see them on the street, they are watching out for your interests.


for Police, Fire and Ambulance services

1800 333 000 – Call Crimestoppers with any information you have on crime
Visit the Queensland Police website