Neighbourhood Watch

What is Neighbourhood Watch?

Neighbourhood Watch is a program organised by the community and supported by the Queensland Police Service to reduce residential crime.

Householders are encouraged to join together in small informal groups for the purpose of improving the safety of their families and other neighbourhood residents.

It is not a police scheme. Police only lend their expertise to enable residents to organise themselves for the purpose of minimising crime.

Neighbourhood Watch will only work if YOU, the community, support the scheme.

 Neighbourhood Watch Objectives

Members of a Neighbourhood Watch program area, seek to reduce the number of preventable offences by:
– improving personal safety and household/building security
– reporting suspicious activity within their area
– ensuring their property is appropriately marked for identification
– marketing the program to residents and business people within the area

How does a neighbourhood watch work?

A Neighbourhood Watch Area ideally is made up of homes which can be defined by natural boundaries e.g. creek, hill or major road.

Depending on local circumstances this area is then broken down into Zones of about 125 homes and each is further broken down into blocks containing about 8-12 homes

How can Neighbourhood Watch help you?

By being a participant in the program, you can help establish neighbourly co-operation and the development of a sense of community. There are benefits to be derived by working together, these include:
– Improved personal safety and household security.
– Reduce the number of preventable crimes.
– Provide support for victims of crime.

What do householders do to participate?

Participation is easy. Householders are asked to do is the following:

Read the latest NHW Buderim Central Newsletter (you need Adobe Acrobat installed)

Read the latest NHW Buderim East Newsletter (you need Adobe Acrobat installed.

Send email to [email protected]

Take some simple steps to improve your household security.
  • Ensure you secure all property, and watch out for neighbour’s property. Take care of your neighbourhood.
  • Exchange information with your neighbours and police on suspicious activity.
  • Observe and report. Know how to observe incidents that occur in the neighbourhood and who to contact to report these incidents.
  • Assist and offer support to householders and victims of crime in your area.
  • Exchange names and phone numbers with the householders in your street (or those homes in easy view) using the telephone tree card.
  • Keep an eye on public facilities such as telephones, park equipment, bus shelters, etc. and report any vandalism.
  • Distribute the Neighbourhood Watch Newsletter and pass on information to other residents about Neighbourhood Watch activities.
  • Occasionally get together to discuss matters of local community interest.  Also discuss ways in which you and your Neighbourhood Watch can reduce local crime rates.
  • Mark/engrave or photograph property.
  • Attach Neighbourhood Watch plaques to your letter box.

Contact your local Neighbourhood Watch

Buderim Central Neighbourhood Watch (Maroochydore 11) Contacts

Area Co-ordinator Mary McGinness Ph: 5445 3487
Deputy Area Co-ordinator Ray Brayley Ph: 5445 2105
For enquiries contact Secretary – David Ewington Ph: 5476 8796

Zone Co-ordinators:

Zone A – Highland Pl, St Martins Tce,
Mary McGinness Ph 0439 008 976

Zone B – (west) Burnett St St Ives Tce, (east) Burnett St
Rosemary Paull Ph 5477 1899

Zone C – Tulip Lane, Cottman St, Royal Drive, Castlereagh Court.
Tiffany Jones Ph 5450 1722 (Bus)

Zone D – Townsend Rd, Kestral Crt, Sage St, Besley St, William St (between Besley and Burnett)
Mike Dugdale Ph 5477 0672

Zone E – Attunga Cres, Wian St, Henderson St, Pine St, Cedar Crt, Falkland Crt, Norfolk Way, Middleton Cres, Lindsay Road (south – between Tulip Lane and Lindsay Gardens)
Maurie Richards Ph 5445 1503

Zone F – Eden Lea & Waverley (Off Townsend Rd)
Norm Rufford Ph 5476 5486

Zone G – Lindsay Gardens Zone H – Village Green

(BUDERIM EAST) Covering most of the region from Gloucester to Rim Roads and North of King Street. (850 dwellings)

Area Coordinator: Clem Sutherland Ph: 5445 1565