Buderim Community Bank



The Buderim Bendigo Community Bank® is owned by Buderim shareholders for the benefit of all residents. A majority of the profits go directly back into the Community, covering a wide range of concerns and interest.   BWMCA has benefited enormously from support and financial grants from Buderim Bendigo Community Bank®.  Buderim Bendigo Community Bank® be a normal trading bank, established on the Bendigo Bank Model, which has successfully created over 200 such banks around Australia in the last 10 years.

IMPORTANTLY – the profits from the bank are shared with the shareholders of the company and directly with the Buderim Community, distributed in the form of sponsorships for charitable endeavours and special projects. 

More information is available on www.thebuderimbank.com  or by e-mailing [email protected].   John Burgess and Ken O’Flaherty, who were members of the BWMCA Executive at the time, were on the Community Bank Steering Committee, along with another BWMCA member, Geoffrey Hole.  They remain involved and would be able to answer any questions.