Who is the BWMCA

Who is the BWMCA?

The association runs on the power of volunteers!

For over 65 years as the town grows, the BWMCA keeps pace. From a small group of dedicated residents the Association expanded into what is, today, a hub of activity on Buderim. The BWMCA manages, through sub-committees, the major community activities on ‘the mountain’.

The management of the BWMCA is conducted through sub-committees, working groups, project officers and affiliated members and conduct the major community activities on ‘the mountain’. Local Councillors are also represented.

Networking remains one of the key elements and in 2011 the Association has over 70 Affiliate organisations covering almost all sporting clubs, community organisations, churches, schools, colleges and service groups in the area. Each appoint a delegate to represent them and all have a vote in Association decisions.

BWMCA Management Committee

  • President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, plus up to 7 Advisory Committee Members
  • Elected Sub-Committee Chairs
  • Elected Working Group Chairs
  • Elected Project Officers
  • Affiliated Groups Delegates

Through this unique communication the BWMCA represents over 18,000 Buderim residents.



President Neil Eiby 5478 3165 [email protected]
Vice President Carol Marks  0428 864 344  [email protected]
Secretary Maddie Aldwell  0402 835 333 [email protected]
Treasurer Greg Jellis   0407 734 815  [email protected]
MC Member  Patricia Eiby 5478 3165  
MC Member Carol Dahler 0429 497 553  
MC Member Glenda Darville   0417 762 691  
 MC Member      


Australia Day 2013 Graham Barnes  0450 579 962   
Anzac/Remembrance Day Drew Miller     
Friends of Buderim – link Jenni Campbell  0406 302 824  
Old Post Office
Carol Marks  0428 864 344  
War Memorial Hall John McMahon 5445 2515  
Welcome to Buderim Glenda Darville  0417 762 691  
Community Muscle
Peter Koster 5453 4793  
Carols on Buderim Andrew Butterworth  5476 5484  


Buderim Community
Peter Koster 5453 4793  


Membership Liz Abel  0457 453 357   [email protected]
Newsletter Liz Abel  0457 453 357  [email protected]