Where is the BWMCA

Where is the BWMCA?

The BWMCA is responsible for various properties throughout Buderim, which are dedicated to or contribute to the needs of the community.
All property owned by the BWMCA is held in trust for the people of Buderim for now and the future.
Such property includes:


Old Buderim Post Office

Buderim Old Post Office

This latest acquisition is one in which the BWMCA takes great pride. It is the oldest building in the Buderim CBD and was the original post office. After 4 years of negotiation with Telstra and a year of intense and community-driven fund raising, the Association purchased the property in 2000.
The Maroochy Shire Council estimated that it would cost over $100,000 to restore the building which had fallen into great disrepair. A massive community volunteer effort and a remarkable response in service and materials from local businesses and individuals meant that the cost of restoration was only just over $4000!
The main function is as a community information centre which is staffed, for 6 days a week, by over 50 volunteers. It is also now the official headquarters of the BWMCA, and solid proof of what can be achieved by the Buderim community.
The OPO is run by volunteers (OPOV’s) and operates on weekdays and Saturday mornings as a community information centre, servicing residents and tourists alike!
Many local community groups use the OPO as a meeting room.
Mon – Fri 9.30 am – 3.30 pm
Alternate Sat 10.00 am – 12.30 pm
The following FREE services are available at the OPO
Justice of the Peace – available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday – 10.00 am – 1:00 pm
Local Councillors Meet and Assist:
Div 7 – Cr Ted Hungerford – 4th Friday of the month – 10am – noon
Please phone 5477 0944 to confirm availability

Div 6 – Cr Christian Dickson, 

I would firstly like to thank the BWMCA for allowing me to attend the Old Post Office on the 3rd Friday of each month to engage with local resident’s. As many of you would know, the Local Government boundary for Division 6 recently moved and I sadly lost a large contingent of the Buderim community. Throughout the March election campaign, residents suggested that it was important to see their local councillor out and about onsite to discuss issues which affect the community first hand. I therefore humbly advise the BWMCA that I will be making myself available to individuals to meet them at their home or a location convenient to them. I encourage local’s to either call or email me directly to organise a one-on-one meeting time by contacting me on 5441 8374 or [email protected] or find me on Facebook.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Cr Christian Dickson  Division 6

State Member of Parliament – Steve Dickson MP, Member for Kawana, is available by appointment on the last Thursday of each month.

(please phone his office on 5478 1189 to arrange an appointment)

Welcome to Buderim

The BWMCA hosts regular “Welcome to Buderim” afternoon teas for new residents.

Following on a very old tradition of welcoming new settlers to the area, ‘Welcome to Buderim” afternoon teas were reestablished when the Old Post Office opened as an information center.
New residents are encouraged to register and attend an afternoon tea at which ‘welcome packages’ with useful information on the local area, are distributed to new residents.
New residents have the opportunity to meet each other, learn more about Buderim and are encouraged to participate in their new community life. Some wonderful friendships have been formed through these functions.
Pop in for a chat with the friendly group at the Old Post Office today!

The Buderim War Memorial Hall
was the original center of the Association and is now a public venue for theater, concerts and public functions.
In 1887 the State Government allocated an area as a reserve for a public Hall. A small hall constructed of sawn timber, and with a shingle roof was built by the local settlers and served for 37 years. It was the only public meeting place on Buderim and was used for all gatherings – public meetings, concerts, dances, picture shows, church services and private functions.
In 1923 a new Hall was constructed and served the Community until 1989.
In 1966 a brick frontage was added to the Hall providing more space for the Library and a room for the Country Women’s Association. The snooker room underneath the CWA room was also extended.
In 1989 the wooden portion of the building was removed from the brick façade and realigned to Church Street and extensively renovated and restored. The verandah was added two years later. The redevelopment won the architect Lindsay Clare, an Architectural Award.
Air conditioning was added in 2006.
The Buderim Memorial Hall is available for a wide variety of public functions such as concerts, receptions, public meetings and community events. It is strongly suggested you make your bookings as early as possible as the hall is a very popular venue.
Memorial Hall – Bookings and Hiring Rates:
For bookings and information regarding hiring rates please phone John or Bernadatte McMahon – 5445 2515
 The building complex also houses the  library and club facilities.
 Hepburn Cottage (not pictured) is a  small property hoped to be part of a  larger community precinct opposite the  War Memorial Hall.



Pioneer Cottage
donated by Sybil Vise and managed by one of the BWMCA affiliate groups, the Buderim Historical Society, and run as the Buderim Museum.
The Sybil Vise Cottage (not pictured) also bequeathed to the Association by the late Sybil Vise, is adjacent to Pioneer Cottage. It is being used as a small meeting room, office and archive facility for the Buderim Historical Society. The Buderim Foundation also have an office there.