The Remarkable BWMCA

WWhen World-War hostility ended in 1945, the people of Buderim decided not to erect a lifeless stone monument to commemorate the fallen.

Instead, the community in Buderim created something much more dynamic . . . a living, growing organisation to serve the community and embrace the freedoms for which our ANZAC heroes fought and died.

BWMCA Buderim Community OrganisationOur legacy is the Buderim War Memorial Community Association (BWMCA), an umbrella of access under which community groups of every description can grow. There are a large number of community-based groups affiliated to the BWMCA. These are a fine source of social and professional contact for those new to Buderim.

BWMCA is a huge part of the reason Buderim maintains a true spirit of community in the face of pressures from a swelling population.

BWMCA is responsible for many events in the town of Buderim and draws on the voluntary resources of an army of locals from many walks of life.

BWMCA is as an umbrella for many affiliated community groups and sporting clubs in the area, in addition to many specific activities which act as both societal glue and inspiration, for the Buderim Community.

The BWMCA headquarters is in the “Old Post Office” in Burnett Street, purchased through a community rally when the actual Post Office moved to modern premises in Lindsay Road.

The BWMCA Old Post Office is the Buderim Community Information Centre, a great place to gather information on activities and sights around the region and it is the venue for “Welcome to Buderim” afternoon teas for new residents.

The Community Information Centre is staffed entirely by volunteers and you can call them on (07) 5477-0944 during opening hours of 9.30 am to 3.30 pm weekdays and 10am to 12:30pm alternate Saturdays for more information.

We encourage you to get to know the BWMCA. You can become a financial member and perhaps take the opportunity to volunteer your time and talents to help build a vibrant Buderim Community. Membership is not expensive and you will become part of a brilliant concept, which will ensure this community retains its unique values.

BWMCA was the catalyst for the formation of the Buderim Foundation. This body which was established as a charitable organisation to attract bequests and donations to be managed and invested so that proceeds may be distributed for special causes and community building projects.