The power of volunteers!

BWMCA Inc. is a registered not-for-profit organisation which depends completely on the energy, talents and commitment of a large number of volunteers.   Typically these volunteers  are already very busy people managing their time between work and family and often a number of other membership commitments.  What they have in common is a strong belief in and a sense of pride for Buderim as a Community.  How about it?  Can you make some time, just a little or maybe a lot, to support  and help build the community in which you live?

For 70 years as Buderim has grown BWMCA has kept pace. From the original small group of dedicated residents, the scope of BWMCA has expanded into what is today, the hub of community activity in Buderim.

BWMCA Management Committee

BWMCA is managed by Elected Officers through Sub-Committees and Working Groups and Delegates from Affiliates.  State Government Members  and Sunshine Coast Councillors attend meetings and provide their support.

  • The President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and Sub-Committee Chairs are elected at the Annual General Meeting
  • Additional or replacement Sub-Committee Chairs may be appointed during the year by the Management Committee
  • Working Group Chairs are also appointed by the Management Committee
  • Affiliates Delegates are full voting members of the Management Committee

BWMCA Inc. Management Committee

Elected Officers

Delegates of Affiliates

Each Affiliate organisation may nominate a Delegate to represent their organisation on the Management Committee. The nominated individual must also be an individual member of the BWMCA.
Sub-committees are a permanent part of the Management Committee structure. Chairs of Sub-Committees, who must be members of the Association, are also members of the Management Committee.
Working Groups
A Working Group is formed to carry out a specific task or project and is disbanded on completion. Chairs of Working Groups, who must be members of the Association, are also members of the Management Committee.