Buderim Historic Walk

plaque1To celebrate 150 years of Buderim in 2012,
Sunshine Coast Council
developed a walking trail to showcase the
highlights of Buderim history. A printed brochure provides a map and simple instructions.

brochureCollect your brochure from the Buderim Information Centre at the Old Post Office or click here to download the brochure in PDF format and set off on a gentle walking tour around the village.

After every few steps, plaques highlight
Buderim’s historic spots.  After every few steps, a plaque highlights a piece of Buderim’s history. Each plaque tells a story of the challenging early times when Buderim was a small farming community.

Our history continues through to the commercial development of the present day.  Through all the years, Buderim  has remained a strong and vibrant community.  The self-guided walking tour will show you the highlights of Buderim’s past and introduce you to the present. There are opportunities for refreshments along the way.


More Information

If the tour leaves you wanting more, call in at the Pioneer Cottage in Ballinger Crescent. Here the friendly and informative volunteers, who are members of BWMCA Affiliate the Buderim Historical Society will be happy to share further stories about our pioneers and their history and show around the Museum.plaque3