Buderim B150

erim B150

In 2012, Buderim will celebrate 150 years of community spirit! The Buderim 150 is a great opportunity to showcase Buderim and tell our special story to the world with pride and confidence.

In 1862, timber getter Tom Petrie arrived on Buderim.
150 years on, the Buderim War Memorial Community Association (BWMCA) is spearheading this year-long program of community events and initiatives, designed to make Buderim’s community spirit even stronger. The Buderim B150 is a once in a generation opportunity for everyone to get involved, remember, celebrate and breathe even more life into our community so it can continue to grow and prosper.

What will be happening?


A year of events, activities and programs are being planned to ensure a fun and educational year-round celebration for the whole community. The Buderim B150 program details are far from complete. However the enthusiasm from the community is unprecedented.


Local schools are committed to modify their curriculums in 2011 and 2012 to give children opportunities to participate in a wide range of community related activities and learn from their experiences.


The BWMCA and nearly all small and large community groups have a once in a generation opportunity to benefit from these activiies and events. The members of these organisations, and the total population of Buderim will be given the opportunity to learn of the town’s history, including its indigenous history, learn more about why their community is special, participate in a range activities (mostly free!) and most importantly feel increased pride in their community.

Get Involved!

B150 will be Buderim’s biggest ever volunteer effort. Skilled volunteer hours already spent on the project are well in excess of 2000. 87 key volunteers are already on the data base, in this the planning stage. This will grow to in excess of 1000 during 2012.

Visit the Old Post Office in the middle of Buderim (Burnett Street) for more info on the Buderim 150 and how you can get involved! Don’t forget to tell your friends!


In the 150 years since then the Buderim community has become one of unique character and spirit and this, we believe, is worth celebrating!
More than a year of planning and well in excess of 3000 volunteer hours have already gone into preparing for the 150th Anniversary celebrations and Buderim
residents will soon start to see the B150 logo throughout the town, in our schools and on Facebook. We’ve set up special B150 programs that will enable us all to
learn a little more of our town’s history, learn more about why our community is special, how we can participate in a range of activities and most importantly, to feel increased pride in our community. To celebrate B150 we have put together a year-long calendar of events that will include the entire community, from the
very young to our most senior community members and Australia Day 2012 will be the launch date.
Schools will add history themed story writing, art, video and construction to their curriculum. The program will include a Back to Buderim Weekend in May, a huge Street Party in July, a Garden Weekend in September featuring Buderim’s early homes and gardens, a series of concerts and amateur theatre.

The BWMCA will be honouring Buderim’s Living Legends, those people born or living on Buderim prior to the end of World War II in 1945 and who are still living on or near Buderim. Over 40 nominations have been received to date including the delightful Monica Guy, now 104 years old and extremely excited to be included in the planned celebrations.