Websites of interest

Websites of Interest



BPHTI Facebook Page

We now have a Facebook Page.  The page contains more photos & videos.    Click here to explore

Other Sites of Interest


Rail Trails of Australia

For information about other rail trails, click here. 



Record of Krauss Restoration. 


Explore Lynn Zelmer’s web site containing a pictorial record of the Krauss Restoration by clicking then select        Sunshine Coast/Bundaberg      from the right hand menu then select        Buderim Palmwoods Heritage Tramway      from the next window then select       Image Collection     from the next window on the next window:    enter  BPHTI   in the search box, and click on  ‘search’ then select each   ‘image link’  in turn to see the restoration photos. There are many other interesting items on this website, so just go exploring, if you have some spare time.



Interested in Heritage and Tourist Railways in Australia?

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, has a list.  Click here to explore.