Web Site Development

Creating a web site, worthy of the Buderim Community
Designing and operating a community web site was one of the core objectives, pursued from the earliest of days, by the local family who developed the original Buderim web site of www.buderim.com.

Following almost a decade of development, in 2011 the entire web site www.buderim.qld.au  including the intellectual property, gathered data and sophisticated technology, plus ongoing web hosting has been donated  to the community by Steve and Karen Chellingworth. The Chellingworths, who operate Red Lid, a successful advertising and design business in the heart of Buderim, are a local Buderim family, whose kids grew up here, are actively involved in volunteer business and community organisations and they say “Quite frankly we can’t get enough of the place or the people.”  They act as technical advisors for the web site for the BWMCA Management Committee .

The community site is operated by BWMCA, at the Community Geographic Domain Names (CGDN) URL of buderim.qld.au while the original site buderim.com was redeveloped to offer a commercial perspective to suit business interests in Buderim. The Chellingworths that this combination, “The Buderim Web Project” is one of the best of its kind in Australia.

Buderim’s community web site thrives on your input, so please, if you have any suggestions or would like to make comment, please feel free to contact us using the form on the “Contact” page. If you have a business interest in Buderim and wish to promote it, please contact Red Lid and their commercial site.