Tom Rickards Park

Tom Rickard’s Park

An excellent walk!

Martin’s Creek begins behind the CBD and winds its way under Pine Street behind Lindsay Gardens Retirement Village, under Lindsay Road, behind the school and down through Buderim Forest. 

The very start of the creek was once the swimming hole for the Lindsay family (after whom Lindsay Road was named), but had suffered from development over the years


Silt from building sites and general urban runoff had combined with weeds and feral fauna to make the area quite unattractive and a far cry from the natural state.

The Headwaters of Martin’s Creek have been restored by a hard working group of community-minded residents. Feral plants were replaced by native fauna and a silt trap was installed to help keep the creek cleaner.Maroochy Council also became involved and helped with much of the infrastructure.


The area is now known as Tom Rickard’s Park, in recognition of his tireless efforts.

Now the whole area is a lovely walking track with native fauna and peaceful waterways. 

Enter off Pine Street, look for the Tom Rickards sign where the creek crosses the road.


The birdlife is flourishing in the lily-covered billabong, the flow modulated by storm water runoff.


The path winds between homes and Village green Retirement Village, ultimately finishing at Ormsby Park, a large parcel of privately owned land.


Please respect the privacy of the home owners as you wander through the area.


You can duck (pardon the pun) out into Royal Drive to incorporate the park into a walk around the top of the CBD.


The Buderim Tramway once ran through this area. The Heritage Tramway Group have recognised this with a display. 

A rail car chassis and a portion of the small guage rail have been placed on permanent display along with a map and images of the original Buderim-Palmwoods Tram.

Read more about the Buderim Heritage Tramway on their Buderim Website page!


Use the map below to locate Pine Street or use the interactive satellite map here