Buderim Forest Park

Buderim Rainforest Walk

This area of Buderim is the hidden Jewel of the Mountain.

Buderim Rainforest Waterfall


Buderim boardwalk with viewing platforms overlooking the natural surroundingsBuderim Subtropical Rainforest

Tucked in behind the famous ‘Harry’s Restaurant’ on Harry’s Lane at the bottom of Lindsay Road, is a brilliantly constructed boardwalk with viewing platforms overlooking the natural surroundings

Leave your dog at home! This part of the walk is easy and suitable for wheelchair access.

Take the time to wander along the elevated path as it follows the meandering brook through subtropical rainforest.

Marvel at the dramatic Strangler Figs, myriad vines and if you are lucky (and quiet) . . . you may spy some of the forest birdlife.

Buderim Rainforest Pool

When the boardwalk ends, follow the bush track along the banks of the creek as it cascades over basalt causeways, pausing its babbling flow every now and then to form refreshing pools.

Crossing the log at Buderim Rainforest ParkCrossing the log is only for the young and adventurous! Or you may you use the stepping stones in the creek. The winding track will lead you up the side of the mountain to an open waterfall, where the flow plunges over a rockface and into a broad waterhole.

Buderim Rainforest Waterfall

An elegant wooden bridge spans the creek at this dramatic point in the walk. From the bridge, you can take in an elevated perspective of the naturally beautiful vista.

If you are short of time, you may reach the waterfall from the Quorn Close entrance to the bush walk.

Buderim Rainforest Waterfall Bridge

The upper path is reasonably steep in some areas but easily managed by those of average fitness. Drive down Quorn Close (branches off Lindsay Road near Buderim Central), turn left at the roundabout near the bottom and follow the road to the end.

Park at the top of the hill near the picnic facilities. Walk past the barbecue area and follow the signs to the water fall.

The best time to visit is a day or two after rain, or in the early morning or late afternoon.

This is truly a magnificent feature of Buderim

Buderim Rainforest Waterfall

Encroaching development is slowly poking holes in the green belt around the Forest. This park is the last vestige of the original Buderim Mountain. Make sure you visit soon.


One last thing . . . don’t forget your insect repellant!