Buderim Library

The Buderim Library Association Inc., located adjacent to the Buderim War Memorial Hall, on the corner of Main Street and
Gloucester Road, is one of the many BWMCA Affiliates.

Most other communities depend on the facilities of ‘Municipal’ libraries run by the Sunshine Coast Council and therefore such a facility would not be available on Buderim.

Buderim Library is run entirely by volunteers and you can be assured of friendly and personal attention at all times.  There is an excellent range of books available for borrowing, including the latest novels and mysteries by best-selling authors, biographies, history, and Australiana. And also a good selection of large print books.


Membership is by subscription:
$22.00 per year or $16.50 concession
Visitor rates – $20 refundable deposit plus $2.00 per month.


The Library grew from humble beginnings in 1887, only 20 years after Buderim was first settled. It was started by James Lindsay, one of the original settlers. He arranged with the Brisbane School of Arts for the supply of library books.  These came by packet steamer to Mellum Creek (now Landsborough) and were then brought to Buderim by horse-drawn vehicle. Mr Lindsay loaned them to fellow settlers from his home Ryhope.  Shortly afterwards the Buderim School of Arts was built and the library was set up there.

When money was available, books were purchased from Brisbane booksellers, or direct from Gordon & Gotch in London.  In 1924 a new building was opened for the School of Arts and the library had a permanent home.  In 1962 the idea of a memorial section was introduced. Since then many worthwhile books have been presented in memory of friends or relatives. In 1976 the Library became a separate body with its own constitution.

The Buderim War Memorial Hall underwent major renovation in 1989 including the addition of a brick extension for the library, which doubled the space.

Buderim Library has been run for 120 years solely by volunteers. It is possibly one of the oldest libraries in Queensland! Today 35 volunteers work a total of 120-150 hours per week.


For people who are unable to get to the library themselves, we provide a service where books of their choice are delivered once a fortnight on Thursdays.


This is held every year in association with the Annual Easter Fair, which is held in the Buderim War Memorial Hall.

This is our major fund-raising venture for the year where all our pre-loved books, either culled from the Library or donated by the
public throughout the year, are sold.

We are always very grateful for any book donations made to the
Library or for the Book Market.


Monday 10am – 3pm
Tuesday 1pm – 3pm
Wednesday 10am- 3pm
Thursday 1pm – 3pm
Friday 10am- 3pm
Saturday 9am – 12noon

Phone:  (07) 54 453779

Postal Address
PO Box 1636
Qld 4556