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The Advisory Committee of the BWMCA takes pleasure in welcoming David Coltheart to the position of web site coordinator for the Buderim Community site. David is responsible for the dissemination of info through the web site. If you want to send community information to put into the news or any other section of this site, contact David via email and he will organise.

With an increased number of JPs now in attendance at the Old Post Office we were pleased to have Steve Dickson MP personally find time to pop in and present a certificate of acknowledgment, signed by the Attorney-General, to  Gary Flanigan in recognition of 25 years of distinguished service as a Justice of the Peace for the State of Queensland.

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Released especially for this 150th year Anniversary this DVD is a wonderful memento of Buderim.

A project between the BWMCA and the Beerwah Graphix Group of U3A Sunshine Coast, the 30 minute DVD covers the many places of interest in and around Buderim as well as our community events – Anzac Day and Australia Day – along with a beautifully compiled section of the early days of Buderim and its pioneers. It is a wonderful souvenir for locals and tourists alike.

Be sure to call in at the Old Post Office to purchase your copy at just $10

For those who are interested in Buderim’s history, check out the new B150 Blog at

Three students from University of the Sunshine Coast are working with the B150 team as part of a Social Media Project.  If you have any items of local historical interest or upcoming events just send the details via the “Contact” tab at the top of the page to have them added to this website.

The Buderim Book is here!


Free copies of this limited edition  booklet, which outlines the various special interest groups affiliated with the Buderim War Memorial Community Association (BWMCA) were delivered to all homes in the Buderim area. If you missed out,you can pick up an copy at the Old Post Office in Burnett Street, the headquarters of the BWMCA.

Support the BWMCA and help keep Buderim’s Community Spirit vibrant and real! In the centre is a pullout application form, so you can join your Community Association.

Remember . . . YOU ARE THE COMMUNITY! So stand up and be counted.

A SUNDAY afternoon visit to Buderim’s Foote Sanctuary is more than a walk in the park for the Richardson family. The sanctuary grounds are embedded with rich personal history for this long-term Buderim family.

 Three generations of the Richardson family: Lyn, Ian and Jennifer in Buderim’s Foote Sanctuary Continue reading

A very special part of Buderim’s B150th Anniversary celebrations will be to recognise and honour 49 of Buderim’s past and present residents who, in their own way, contributed to establishing Buderim’s close community spirit and who helped lay the foundations for Buderim’s beautiful landscape. 

A special morning tea will be held next month for these Buderim legends and their families as a lead up to the official presentation on Australia Day 2012.

The support and input of BWMCA affiliates is being sought to compile a timeline of Buderim’s community organisations over the past 150 years. The BWMCA has over 77 affiliate organisations.  What is the their history? When were they founded? What have been their major achievements or milestones? Continue reading

 The Buderim 150 year is a time for both celebration and reflection.

What are the stories that make up the 150 years of community spirit? What was Buderim like before European settlement and how was it used by Indigenous people of the Sunshine Coast, the Gubbi Gubbi?  What is Buderim’s environmental and social history?  Who are some of the people who have lived on Buderim? Continue reading

BACK when Mooloolaba Rd was nothing more than forestry and women wore full-length white lace dresses and hats to play tennis at Buderim, our first settlers were transforming the mountain-top farming village into a thriving community. Fast-forward 150 years, dedicated residents are looking forward to continuing the strong community spirit during the B150 celebrations to help usher in Buderim’s 150th anniversary of colonial settlement. The B150 planning committee received a significant boost after the Buderim Historical Society was awarded $5000 by a national magazine. Continue reading