Buderim Ginger

A Short History

The first ginger was planted on Buderim after a parcel of ginger plants was given to Mr. A. J.
Burnett just after World War I. He planted them in his mandarin orchard at Greenmount.

The plants flourished and became the root stock for an entire industry.

The ginger factory was originally situated in a disused blacksmith’s shop across from the school oval. Later it was moved to the site now
occupied by Woolworths supermarket.

The ‘Merrybud’ Ginger
Factory was the only highly-mechanised ginger factory in the world
and the only plant in the southern
hemisphere where ginger was
processed in all forms.


Buderim ginger is unique, noted for its quality and mild taste, golden colour and fibre-free consistency.


The ginger factory was moved to Yandina beginning in 1978 and the building was transformed into an open market.  Later it was demolished for a shopping centre.

The Ginger Factory produces world-class products from the new
factory at Yandina, 15 minutes north along the Bruce Highway.

Visit the Ginger Factory, one of the tourist highlights of the
Sunshine Coast. Click here to go to the  website.