The Remarkable BWMCA

Famous Australian social researcher and author Hugh Mackay, the keynote speaker at the BWMCA 50th, 60th and 70th Anniversary Celebrations is impressed and clearly moved by what he described as “the strong sense of community in Buderim.”  He wrote “I urge you to support, cherish and nourish your organisation . . . if the unique quality of Buderim is to be maintained.”

He added that Australians everywhere were reporting a growing sense of concern – they did not feel secure, they had lost their values and did not have a “sense of community”.  He urged us to never let this happen in Buderim.

In his best selling book The Good Life Hugh McKay says, A ‘good life’ is not lived in isolation or in pursuit of independent goals; a good life is lived at the heart of a thriving community, among people we trust, and within an environment of mutual respect.  Also in The Art of Belonging he states, It’s not where you live, it’s how you live.

The Buderim War Memorial Community Association [BWMCA] is our legacy established in 1945 by the, then, small community of Buderim to serve as a living memorial to those who served and died to defend our values and way of life.  Today BWMCA provides an opportunity for every individual to contribute service to commemorate sacrifice with the aim of fostering and growing a vibrant Buderim Community which embraces the freedoms for which men and women in the armed services have fought and died to defend.  Today, BWMCA provides an umbrella of access under which a large number of community groups of every description, including sport and recreation clubs, social and community service organisations, cultural and special interest groups, schools and churches are affiliated

BWMCA is made of Members – Individual, Family and Life Membership is available – operating through a Management Committee made up of – President, Vice-President, Secretary & Treasurer, as Elected Officers and the Chairs of Sub-Committees and Delegates from an amazing network of more than 60 Affiliate organisations, clubs and associations.  As a result, BWMCA is very active in a wide variety of community events and activities.  BWMCA is managed and maintained completely by volunteers, and financed by membership dues, many fund raising initiatives and investments and special Grants from the State Government and Sunshine Coast Council.

BWMCA manages several heritage properties on behalf of the community – the War Memorial Hall, Pioneer Cottage, Sybil Vise Cottage and the Old Post Office, which was built in 1935 and now transformed into a vibrant Community Information Centre staffed by local volunteers.

BWMCA is  directly responsible for organising and managing a number of key events which provide the glue to bring the Buderim Community together throughout the year.  These include Australia Day Celebrations,  ANZAC & Remembrance Day Services  and Carols On Buderim.

Much has changed in Buderim since 1945, yet the desire to maintain a vibrant and cohesive community, the sense of community values, and the relaxed, healthy and active lifestyle of Buderim residents have not changed.  BWMCA is even more important and valuable to the community than it was in the early days.

The cornerstone of the BWMCA is to nurture the community.  Hugh McKay says that this uniquely Buderim characteristic is a model for communities across Australia.  The BWMCA Mission is to ensure that Buderim remains a vibrant community for generations to come.

One of the BWMCA’s most significant community-based initiatives was to establish the Buderim Foundation, a philanthropic, not-for-profit, organisation, registered as a Charity and designed to encourage individuals, families and businesses  to invest in Buderim. The Buderim Foundation receives donations, invests the funds to generate income, and distributes the
income as grants for community projects or for the education and development of worthy individuals.

To learn more about the Buderim Foundation, click this link.